Spring 2012

Frank Talk

Richard N. Frank signs off from Frank Talk and passes the tradition to his son Lawry’s Restaurant’s CEO and President Richard R. Frank.

Richard N. Frank with his son Richard R. Frank Richard N. Frank with his son Richard R. Frank

FOR THIRTY YEARS NOW, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing the Frank Talk column to our A La Cart newsletter.

At first, I wanted to speak directly to you, our guests, just to let you know what was happening in our restaurants and what you could anticipate in the future. Then I began to realize the column could also provide a way for you to get to know me and my business philosophy, to share some family history along the way, and, hopefully, to tell you how much we’ve appreciated your patronage.

I was pleasantly surprised by your reaction to my column. To be honest, one of the most rewarding aspects of writing Frank Talk has been receiving so many nice comments about it over the years from you and our co-workers. I can’t begin to describe the satisfaction I’ve experienced when I’ve learned from you in person that you have read and enjoyed my column.

We’ve always made room for the next to follow…

As you probably know by now, ours is a family business that goes back almost one hundred years. In this month’s A La Cart, we celebrate our first restaurant, the Tam O’Shanter, started by my dad and my uncle in 1922. Since then, we’ve grown and grown, adding more restaurants and developing an internationally known foods company as a result of decades of work by hundreds and hundreds of co-workers.

Among those co-workers have been many family members who have been involved in all aspects of our business throughout the years.

a result of decades of work by hundreds and hundreds of co-workers

As one generation made their contribution to our business, we’ve always made room for the next to follow. In that spirit, it’s come time for my son, Richard R., President and CEO of Lawry’s Restaurants since 1997, to take over the responsibility for Frank Talk.

Starting this summer, you’ll have a chance to get to know him too. I’m very proud of Richard’s work for us. You can be sure that he’ll do a fine job as he continues the tradition I’ve tried to establish with Frank Talk.

I can’t say I won’t miss writing this column. It’s become part of the rhythm of my year. And, most of all, each time I’ve sent it off to the printer, I could almost see the many faces of the A La Cart readers who I hoped would enjoy my little effort.

Now, I can join you in looking forward to Frank Talk written by my son in the future. I’m certain it will mean as much to him as it has meant to me.

From the desk of Richard N. Frank

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