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Summer 2012

A Cut Above for a Decade

Lawry’s famous high quality food can be found in fine dining settings, as well as quick, casual settings like Lawry’s Carvery.

A Cut Above sandwich from Lawry's Carvery

DO YOU EVER FIND yourself craving the taste of succulent, mouth watering prime rib? You might wonder, “When is the next special occasion that will give me a reason to have the fantastic dinner I can only get at a Lawry’s The Prime Rib?” And then, you wish you could pop down to the corner for a quick “fix.”

You could simply walk up to a counter, place an order, take a seat in a comfortable booth or on an outdoor patio and have your meal brought to you in minutes. And what about a cold beer or a nice glass of wine to go with that?

high quality food in a quick, casual setting

Well, this is what many lucky Southern Californians have been doing for ten years!

Richard N. Frank, the man who turned Lawry’s Seasoned Salt into a worldwide phenomenon, had an idea inspired by the longtime popularity of the Tam O’Shanter’s original Ale & Sandwich Bar. He felt people would welcome the opportunity to enjoy Lawry’s famous, high quality food in a quick, casual setting that would fit today’s fast paced lifestyle.

They agreed on a name and slogan that would reflect the great Lawry’s legacy

Company managers, family, and knowledgeable friends were organized to launch the first “store.” They agreed on a name and slogan that would reflect the great Lawry’s legacy and succinctly tell folks what the place was all about: “Lawry’s Carvery, A Cut Above.”

The South Coast Plaza shopping mall in Orange County’s Costa Mesa was a perfect location for the new venture. Subsequently, the L.A. LIVE sports and entertainment complex in a revitalized downtown Los Angeles offered an excellent setting for another Lawry’s Carvery. It looks like Mr. Frank’s intuition was right on target.

This year, we proudly celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lawry’s Carvery, South Coast Plaza, and invite you to drop by for a quick meal that is a cut above anytime the urge hits you.

Lawry's Carvery — South Coast Plaza

3333 Bristol Street #2601, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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