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Spring 2015

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Carefully crafted to capture the spirit of our famous cart, a new Belgian chocolate dessert comes table-side to delight of guests of all ages.

Lawry's famous serving cart is now a to-scale miniature dessert. Lawry's famous serving cart is now a to-scale miniature dessert.

THERE IS NO MORE recognizable symbol of Lawry’s The Prime Rib than its Art Deco style serving cart. Now, you can have one of your very own… brought to your table on a plate… and it’s delicious!

It’s the new Chocolate Cart, a perfect miniature replica in Belgian chocolate of one of the most familiar dining icons in the country. The dessert’s open lid reveals a creamy white chocolate mousse filling topped with berries to represent the standing rib roasts we’re known for. Two can easily share its chocolaty richness.

Reproduce every detail accurately and consistently

The new confection is the brainchild of Shannon Tauschman, a manager at Lawry’s The Prime Rib Chicago. After coming up with the idea, she launched a nationwide search for a master chocolatier that ultimately yielded the perfect partner, Chocolates a la Carte.

The folks at the California-based company were Lawry’s The Prime Rib fans who immediately understood the dessert would be as unique as the cart it was to be modeled after.

To make sure the Chocolate Cart would be exactly to scale, measurements of the original silver serving cart were taken and blueprints for the mini-version were drawn. Simple enough — but it took over two months of experimentation to find the best, most durable materials for the special mold required to reproduce every detail accurately and consistently, down to the wheel covers.

a perfect miniature replica in Belgian chocolate

Finally, all was ready for the introduction of the new dessert just in time for the holiday season. Shannon made sure that the first to try the special treat were her friends and Prime Rib guests for over 20 years, Bob and Jen Thompson. They, along with their dinner companions Kevin and Sarah Cunningham, gave the Chocolate Cart an enthusiastic four thumbs up.

It seems they weren’t the only ones who love it. In December alone, guests enjoyed 550 Chocolate Carts, making it the Chicago Prime Rib’s top selling dessert. The hostess of a recent private party at the restaurant brought smiles to her 70 guests when they arrived to find the now popular and irresistible creation as part of their individual place settings.

With Chicago’s success, it looks like we’ll soon be known for two incredible serving carts!

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