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Spring 2017

Meet Our New President & C.O.O., Tiffany Stith

After 15-years as Lawry’s head of human resources, Tiffany Stith joins the executive committee as Chief Operating Officer and President of the company.

Lawry's President and Chief Operating Officer Tiffany Stith was promoted after serving for 14-years as the head of our HR department. Lawry's President and Chief Operating Officer Tiffany Stith was promoted after serving for 14-years as the head of our HR department.

We’re pleased to announce that, on February 9th, our Board of Directors promoted Tiffany Stith to President and Chief Operating Officer of Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc.

“Tiffany’s promotion is a major milestone for Lawry’s,” said CEO Richard R. Frank. “This is the first time in our 95-year history that a woman and someone outside the Frank family has held this position.”

Tiffany has twenty-five years’ experience in the human resources industry including 14 years as head of Lawry’s HR department. Over the last year and a half, she’s been instrumental in shaping our company’s direction. She has a true passion for her work and has earned the respect of every co-worker from line cook to server to senior management.

When you meet Tiffany, you’re easily engaged by her generous smile, intelligence, wit and caring nature. We asked her a few questions to help you get to know her a little better.

What tops your list of priorities for Lawry’s?

To continue to build, mentor and support amazing teams of uniquely talented co-workers while leading Lawry’s The Prime Rib into our next phase of success. We want to keep telling the Lawry’s story — it’s such a cool one!…and make sure that when anyone thinks prime rib they think Lawry’s.

What’s your greatest challenge moving forward?

Helping Lawry’s define who it will be when it’s 100 years old by determining what should change and what shouldn’t. Easy, right?

How does the Lawry’s family story inspire you?

The Franks and Van de Kamps coming out west to ultimately redefine and broaden what fine dining meant in this country — an amazing achievement. Two families working together successfully for ninety-five years has got to be some kind of record.

Their foresight and willingness to offer high paying restaurant service jobs to women and minorities at a time when that was unheard of. As a third generation Los Angelino, I love the way Lawry’s history is so intertwined with the city I adore.

Who’s an inspiration from your own life?

My indomitable grandmother, an orphan at seven who raised herself and set out on foot from Oklahoma to California at thirteen… She’s still the person I want to be when I grow up. I try to channel her grace every day.

A couple of your proudest achievements?

Being the first from a family of strong women to graduate from both high school and college. And, balancing the success I’ve found in a career I love with a marriage that means the world to me.

A favorite quote?

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

What’s your “brag” — one thing you’re great at?

Building trust relationships with people, helping them find what they’re uniquely good at doing and then removing obstacles so they can do it.

Any special interest?

Live music. I feel most connected to the world when I’m experiencing a show with a crowd. I probably see sixty-five to seventy shows a year.

Some memorable meals?

My 40th birthday party enjoying delicious kebabs and sharing wonderful stories. A simple honeymoon breakfast of coffee and croissants on a Parisian balcony. An Israeli dinner in Philadelphia with co-worker and friend Karen Castellana during our last work trip together.

A trip you’d like to take?

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. When I was a kid our family had some great Australian friends. I can remember their visits being like a visit from a barrel of monkeys. They were so much fun!

Think fast: Creamed Corn or Creamed Spinach?

Creamed Spinach — always!

Crème Brule or CC Brown’s Hot Fudge Sundae?

CC Brown’s — you can’t go wrong with chocolate!

Seasoned Salt or Seasoned Pepper?

Seasoned Pepper — it’s a food group!

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