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Winter 2017

A Beautiful New Addition to Lawry’s Fine Dining Family

A second Lawry’s The Prime Rib opens in Tokyo.

A stunning, new Lawry’s The Prime Rib opened on September 29th on the second floor of a modern high rise across from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo’s Akasaka District. The restaurant’s warm contemporary style and relaxed elegance create the perfect setting for Lawry’s classic prime rib experience. Dark woods, dramatic lightning, intimate booths and striking art heighten an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort.

Relaxed elegance, sophistication and comfort

The Akasaka location brings the total number of Prime Ribs in Asia to seven, the result of partnerships with a number of committed, caring licensees. In Japan, we found such a franchise partner in Wondertable, the family-owned company who run this new Lawry’s, another in Tokyo and one in Osaka. We highly value our relationship with Wondertable. The popularity of their Lawry’s The Prime Rib restaurants reflects a deep understanding of and respect for what Lawry’s is all about.

The restaurant’s Frank Bar features an impressionist painting of the three generations of CEOs from Lawry’s founding Frank family

Clockwise from bottom right: Founder Lawrence Frank, Richard N. Frank, Richard R. Frank

Before a new franchised restaurant opens, we send a training team from the states to offer insight into what makes Lawry’s unique.

Laura Ratner, Lawry’s Restaurants’ Director of Service and Training, Beverly Hills Executive Chef Dana Dare and servers Tiffany Coty and Nicole Petrou, arrived in Tokyo on September 20th to help prepare for the restaurant’s opening. They found an enthusiastic group of co-workers ready to absorb everything our team had to share.

Server Tiffany Coty and two Akasaka co-workers

Chef Dana passed on his knowledge of kitchen operations, cooking and carver technique. Tiffany and Nicole demonstrated the ins and outs of meal presentation from the Spinning Bowl Salad “show” to customizing a baked potato to how to properly call the carvers tableside. Laura oversaw the training and gave presentations about the company history that guests enjoy hearing from servers. The co-workers were eager to learn about the warm, welcoming feeling Laura calls “whole house hospitality.”

The team spirit that’s familiar to all Lawry’s co-workers developed very quickly among their Akasaka counterparts. When the new Japanese staff learned that Laura’s birthday fell on one of the days of her visit, they gathered for a special celebration with smiles and good cheer all around.

The new Lawry’s Tokyo team joins our expert trainers in wishing Laura a Happy Birthday

We’re proud to welcome Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Akasaka to the Lawry’s fine dining family.

Illustration of two women clinking wine glasses together

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