Category: Awards

  • Feature Stories Summer 2003

    Our Award-Winning Combination

    The Lawry’s Southern California restaurants were recently honored with top awards from Southern California Writers Association and Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Dallas received a glowing review from the Dallas Morning News.

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  • Feature Stories Winter 2002

    Looking Good!

    Remodeling, renovating, and landscaping have earned Lawry’s several awards and given the restaurants an even more elegant look.

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  • Feature Stories Spring 2002

    A Winning Streak

    Five Crowns, Tam O’Shanter, Lawry’s The Prime Rib Beverly Hills and Las Vegas continue to earn top awards for food, service, ambiance, and wines.

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  • Feature Stories Winter 2000

    Happy Birthday, Five Crowns!

    Five Crowns wins honors and awards in celebration of its 35th anniversary.

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  • Feature Stories Winter 2000

    Thank you, Chef Ivan

    The Lawry’s family celebrates talented chef Ivan Harrison’s semi-retirement and new position as Chef Emeritus.

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  • Feature Stories Summer 2000

    The Benchmark Prime Rib

    Tam O’Shanter and Five Crowns are honored by excellent reviews while Lawry’s Prime Rib and Five Crowns are given prestigious awards.

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  • Frank Talk Spring 2000

    Frank Talk

    Lawry’s newsletter expands to include two more restaurants in the Lawry’s family, the Tam O’Shanter Inn modeled after a Scottish inn, and the Five Crowns which replicates a romantic English inn.

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  • Feature Stories Spring 2000

    DiRoNA and Corona del Mar Honor Five Crowns

    DiRoNA judges reward Five Crowns with their prestigious award, while the village of Corona del Mar commemorates Five Crowns by gracing their Scenic 5k Run shirt with an illustration of the restaurant.

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  • Feature Stories Winter 1999

    Half a Century of Service

    Chairman Richard N. Frank and Board of Directors Vice President Ralph Frank, Jr. honored for 50 years with Lawry’s.

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