Spring 2017

Frank Talk

A well-documented record that began more than 30-years ago, A La Cart has become a scrapbook of memories for Lawry’s co-workers.

Richard N. Frank stands with a server and carver at Lawry's The Prime Rib

Welcome to our Lawry’s The Prime Rib ‘family.’ With this memorable line, my father began his first Frank Talk in the original A La Cart over thirty years ago.

In our winter 2016 issue, I told you about the upcoming change in the way you’ll receive our newsletter.

The article below will remind you that, beginning with our next issue, we’ll send A La Cart to you digitally. I’m sure you’ll like all the new ways it will enable us to be even better connected. And it should be a lot of fun too.

I felt like I was looking at a family scrapbook.

Since this last printed edition is something of a milestone, I looked back through three decades of A La Carts. As I did, I remembered I started at the company only a few years before we began publishing it. Looking at photos and reading about guests and co-workers, including servers, bartenders, managers and company officers, brought back a lot of fond memories. I felt like I was looking at a family scrapbook.

This idea came home to me when I re-read the stories my Dad told in his Frank Talks.

Like the one about not selling the restaurant company to his friend, McDonalds owner Ray Kroc in the 1960s. Or the one about Walt Disney and composer Leopold Stokowski discussing the music for Disney’s epic animated film, Fantasia, over meals at the Tam O’Shanter.

The Lawry’s family has always been an extended one.

Just like they would in a treasured scrapbook, the genial portraits of my father that accompanied his Frank Talks brought a smile to my face. And I was amused to see some pictures of myself looking a lot younger than I imagined possible.

Most of all, I was reminded that, for me, the Lawry’s family has always been an extended one that includes the Franks and the Van de Kamps, our co-workers and you, our guests.

The beauty of a family scrapbook is that each generation gets to see what’s gone before and to add to it themselves. And so, the A La Cart looks to the future by tapping today’s technological resources. My hope is that you’ll keep enjoying it as much as you have and that its new form will make you feel like “family” more than ever.

Signature for Richard R. FrankFrom the desk of Richard R. Frank

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