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    Spring 2016

    Los Angeles is home to several generations-old iconic restaurants, like Lawry’s The Prime Rib and The Tam O’Shanter. We’re proud to be amongst some of the originals.

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    Brighton Room in the Five Crowns features cozy, fireside nooks and exposed beam ceilings that transport guests across the pond.

    Winter 2015

    Richard R. Frank reminisces about the hard work that went into opening the Five Crowns half a century ago, and recounts a story of a presidential visitor.

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    Richard N. Frank, Lawry's CEO, President and Chairman of the Board

    Summer 2015

    Beloved father and co-worker Richard N. Frank passed away at the age of 92. In many ways, he was the heart and soul of Lawry’s and his vision, creativity, hard, work and willingness to take risks were the embodiment of entrepreneurship.

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    Serving carts at Lawry's The Prime Rib—an icon of great service, food, and experience if there ever was one.

    Spring 2015

    By maintaining our values and keeping traditions alive, Lawry’s Restaurants have earned the right to call ourselves “iconic” in the truest sense of the word.

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    Lawry's VIP Rewards offers custom rewards based on diners' choices

    Winter 2014

    Drawing inspiration from recommendations by co-workers, the updated VIP Rewards program rewards guests for their loyalty to Lawry’s in new, exciting ways.

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    The Oak Room at Lawry's The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills features warm woods, a beamed ceiling, and a grand fireplace that create an inviting setting at for mid-sized parties.

    Summer 2014

    Hosting unique themed events at Lawry’s restaurants has become a tradition that celebrates our own history as transformative experiences.

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    Lawry's VIP rewards program gives special benefits to members.

    Spring 2014

    Lawry’s VIP Rewards gets ready to take a big leap forward with changes that are designed to make the experience easy and fun!

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    My sister Susie and I working in one of the family's restaurants, 2012

    Winter 2013

    No stranger to a hard day’s work, our family takes pride in supporting each other’s personal growth: from perfecting the formula to Seasoned Salt or hand-making wine racks for restaurants.

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    The Lawry's legacy is built upon embracing a spirit of creativity and ingenuity, beginning back in 1938

    Winter 2012

    By embracing changing technology, Lawry’s restaurants can continue their legacy of invention and commitment to excellence in service.

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    2013 marks the 75th anniversary of Lawry's founding.

    Summer 2013

    75 years ago, Lawry’s The Prime Rib Beverly Hills began in 1928 with a bold idea: a standing rib roast served from a silver cart.

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